About Us

Squeaky Clean Marine is a federally incorporated and marine insured company providing on-site cleaning, detailing and maintenance services for boats and waterfront properties.

We deliver our industrial quality services traveling the waterways of the St. Lawrence Seaway around Greater Montreal as well as scheduled visits to the Laurentiens and the Eastern Townships lakes.

Our flagship Spought is a 25' commercial pontoon equipped with the latest commercial grade cleaning equipment. We anchor at your waterfront property or marina to deliver a complete cleaning solution for your boats, docks, decks, gazebos, lawn furniture and other waterfront items in need of cleaning.

Quality, Efficiency and Convenience make our services unsurpassed on or off the water.

Our mobile services include:
  • pressure washing
  • steam cleaning
  • carpet and upholstery shampooing
  • waxing
  • polishing
  • scrubbing
  • disinfecting and deodorizing

Our crew is well experienced in marine maintenance and eco-friendly methods to restore and maintain the value and luster of your assets.

Our services can be delivered autonomous of any utilities arriving with our own power and waste management systems.

Green and Clean

At Squeaky Clean Marine, we are dedicated to a cleaner environment. Our company is an innovative provider of indoor and outdoor environmental cleaning solutions that specializes in waterfront property eco-friendly requirements. Our industrial steam based cleaning equipment, vacuums, scrubbers and eco-friendly cleaning products deliver award-winning cleaning results with little or no impact on the delicate ecosystems of our fresh water lakes and rivers. We are committed to respect the environment we live, play and work in. Whenever possible we are looking to educate our clients and ourselves to use the best choices possible. We take extra care to reduce our eco-footprint while maintaining our standards of quality and workmanship.

Captain Bob's Vision

Have you ever wondered how some waterfront property owners seem to have it all together? They have time to enjoy their time on the water, their boats and their waterfront refuge is always spotless. How do they manage all that, on top of managing a career and all the myriad activities associated with daily life - shopping, cooking, cleaning and managing the social network, not to mention finding time to spend with family and friends relaxing?

My name is Bob Rodney and as a busy business owner and father of two, I've lived this quandary on a daily basis for years. It used to drive me crazy, finally arriving at the lake house for the weekend, only to realize that rather than have a relaxing day fishing, floating, and sailing the sunny afternoon winds, I'd be spending my time cleaning, maintaining and preparing to relax. After complaining for years to anyone who would listen to my sad story, I realized that I was not alone - it turns out that that is reality for weekenders by and large!

One Saturday afternoon I found myself drift fishing with a friend of mine and I stated to him that I was very upset. I had spent the whole morning getting the sailboat cleaned up to take the kids out for some fun. So, instead of fishing the morning calm waters, I was cleaning and when the ship was ready to set sail and the wind was blowing, the kids had moved on to other interests. I missed the best hours of fishing, lost my sailing-crew's interest and was now tired and frustrated.

There had to be a better way to manage the weekend cottage life. So, I sought my neighbors, asked around and found that we were all in the same (dirty) boat.

Later that summer, I came up with a proposal for the perfect service company to facilitate my perfect weekends.

We have help in the house every couple weeks but the waterfront was the problem. I wanted to have my boats cleaned and waxed regularly over the summer. Have the boathouse, the deck, the dock, the patio, the fire pit, the lawn furniture and the gazebo to be free of moss, scum and gigantic spiders that torment my kids and guests. While we're at it, the all the life preservers, floating chairs, and water toys were never cleaned and were getting a little dark and slimy too. Not to mention anything that was ever on the fishing boat when we caught big ones was covered in beer and guts!

Well, be it luck or fate, being a solution provider and business developer I was challenged to stop complaining and develop this service company myself. So after almost 2 years, here we are:

Squeaky Clean Marine - the top tier waterfront property maintenance and cleaning service provider. Making it easy for you to relax and enjoy the getaway cottage.

We specialize in services that help you (me), the waterfront property owner, reclaim our free time and sanity back, being able to once again enjoy our time at the cottage and at the end of the day be relaxed knowing someone else will do it!

At last, all you do have to do is call or email us, and that will be the last time or effort you spend thinking about waterfront maintenance.

Captain Bob



Our Services

We are Green!

At Squeaky Clean Marine, we are dedicated to a cleaner environment. Our industrial steam-based cleaning equipment, vacuums, scrubbers and eco-friendly cleaning products deliver amazing cleaning results with little or no impact on the delicate ecosystems of our fresh water lakes and rivers.


We offer flexible detailing packages for your Power Boats, Sail Boats, Yachts and personal water craft with seasonal, weekly, monthly or on demand service contracts.

Large Cruisers

What's your craft?

We work on boats of any size, in or out of the water. Our crew is well experienced in marine maintenance to maintain your assets' value and luster.

Shore to door

We anchor at your shore to provide cleaning solutions for your deck, dock, boats of all sizes, gazebo, patio, lawn furniture, slides and other Items 'in, on or near the water'.

Spring / Fall preparation

Squeaky Clean Marine can get your boat ready for the season, and get it ready for bed again in fall.


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